Overnight care is very popular with families as it offers reassurance that their loved one is safe during the night as this is a high-risk time.

Many falls can occur when going to the bathroom or mobilising the stairs, some clients with dementia also tend to experience confusion more at night.

Our carers assist with:

  • Overnight Care; 

  • Assist client getting undressed and ready for bed; 

  • Assist client to and from the bathroom during the night; 

  • Ensuring client is up safely in the morning; 

  • Assist client with showering and getting breakfast in the morning; 

  • Prompting night-time medication. 

We offer two types of overnight care:


Wake-In Night 

Carer is awake throughout the night. Benefits of care: 

  • Palliative Care; 

  • End of life Care; 

  • Mobilising throughout the night; 

  • Clients at risk of leaving the home unaccompanied; 

  • Clients at high risk of falls; 

  • Assistance with incontinence care during the night.


Sleep-In Night 

Carer will sleep after client has retired to bed for the night. Benefits of care: 

  • Security and piece of mind; 

  • Offer Assistance in the event of sudden illness; 

  • Companionship; 

  • Prepare supper & breakfast; 

  • Prompt medication; 

  • Assist with personal care if required.


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